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Welcome to the Genesee Hospital Blog

This is a blog from health conscious bloggers who care about your wellbeing and am trying to bring you all the information you need to keep yourself healthy. Here you are going to get all the required information about a myriad of diseases and ailments combined with their remedies and treatment. From precautionary measures to symptoms to all the possible cures, we have everything lined up for you.

  • A Complete Guide to Know About the Bio Identical Hormones March 17, 2017 Posted in: Health


    Guest post by London BioIdentical Hormones

    Most of the women go for hormone therapy (a combination of estrogen and progestin) to prevent several conditions that usually affects them as they grow old. This therapy was initiated by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). However, the trial of the therapy stopped in 2002, due to the higher risk of stroke, heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer.

    green leaf

    Women think that natural hormones are safe. Products which have mineral, plant or animal source as the main ingredients are scientifically natural. The substance can be from ground, obtained in a laboratory, or even fabricated by the pharmaceutical company. Still, natural hormones can increase the chances of breast tumor. In such condition, bio identical HRT is believed to be a potential therapy for this condition.

    To know more about bio identical hormones, let’s take a look at the following points:

    • Hormone therapy is quite safe.
    • Hormones are alike in molecular formation to those hormones that women produce in their body.
    • They are synthesized or made from a plant reactant which is extracted out from yams and soy.
    • Bio identical estrogens include estrone, 17 beta-estradiol and estriol.

    They act in the same way like other hormones produced in the body.  That’s the main reason why bio identical HRT is meant to be safe as compared to other therapies.


    Always consult your physician if you want to know anything about menopausal health. You must have a proper knowledge about Bio identical hormones before the therapy.

  • The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Scheduling A Visit To A Chiropractor October 27, 2016 Posted in: Healthy & Living

    Pain is one common symptom but it is not to be neglected. Millions of people suffer from different types of pains and the most common is the back pain. Other common complaints include headaches, neck pains, arms or leg pains. These problems can find their relief in a chiropractor’s office and this is why many people turn to chiropractors when the pain isn’t responding to common medication.

    There isn’t just one best chiropractor in NYC. This is a big town, with great schools and here are working many great chiropractors that can make your pain go away. If you are suffering from one of the pain mentioned before and you want to try chiropractic therapy, here are the answers to the most common chiropractic related questions:

    What is really chiropractic?

    The chiropractors are the specialists who use hands-on treatments to align the musculoskeletal structures and make the pain go away. This manipulation has the purpose to restore the mobility lost due to injured tissue. These treatments focus especially on the joints, but the muscles, the bones and the connective tissues are targeted as well.

    Can it cure back pain?

    Millions of people are suffering from back pain. It is a very common problem and it can limit your life. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people come to the chiropractor and the results are marvelous. The doctor will adjust the spine and with sudden force the joints will be rearranged. It isn’t painful and it really works.

    Which are the benefits? Are there any risks?

    Chiropractic treatment is effective and safe and there aren’t major risks. However, if you are suffering from osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, inflammatory arthritis or you are taking blood thinning drugs, it isn’t recommended to choose this type of treatment. Despite these situations, both chronic and acute pains can benefit from chiropractic methods.


  • Health Tips to Live By October 9, 2016 Posted in: Fitness, Healthy & Living, Weight Loss

    No two ways about the fact that we are exactly what we eat. We do not stay healthy by chance; in fact, we choose to be healthy by making wise choices. By sticking to a balanced diet and proper, sleep routine we can stay young at heart even after reaching the retirement age.

    1-    Drink plenty of water each day. You need to keep your body hydrated in order to keep your internal organs well functioning. It is clean drinking water, which can dissolve many diseases. On the other hand, it is the contaminated drinking water, which is the mother of many ailments especially the ones’ related to stomach, blood, intestine, and gut.

    2-    Get appropriate sleep as a matter of routine. Sleep deprivation not only affects your physical health for worse but it also has traumatic effects on your mental condition. Myriads of mental health issues have their roots in sleep deprivation. Do not let your alarm clock wake you up any time before 8-9 hours of proper sleep.

    3-    Spare some time for meditation every day. Meditation is so powerful a spiritual therapy that it can keep the physician far away from you. Meditation does not only keep you mentally and physically healthy, but it also has the tremendous effect on your soul.

    4-    Exercise regularly. Never belittle its importance and impact in your life. It does not only keep your body well in shape but it also has a tendency to calm your nerves down.

    5-    Workout your body parts on regular basis. It is closer to exercise but should not be confused with it. For exercise may range from push-ups to inhaling fresh air, but work out is a whole lot different from this. There are a good number of workouts with their tutorial available online. You can pick the one, which suits your body the best. Cardio workout is popular among the masses for getting rid of excess body fat.

    6-    As simple as it sounds. Always give preference to fruits and nuts over snacks and junk food, which has only to do with the deterioration of your physical health. Seasonal fruits are your natural remedy to nip many diseases in the bud. They help you avoid catching a number of diseases, which are directly linked to vitamin deficiency.

    7-    Eat vegetables a lot. Uncooked or raw vegetables are more nutritious for you to keep your body in good shape and health. If you do not have, your taste buds developed for raw vegetables then go for the cooked ones. However, cooked vegetables lost some of their nutritious value still, the comparison between them and fast food cannot be drawn.